Denver Approves Social-Use Measure

The law will go into effect immediately

Officials in Denver approved the voter-backed social cannabis use law, which will go into effect immediately. The law allows cannabis to be consumed in restaurants, bars, and public spaces, so long as it is not smoked. Businesses can apply for a permit but must have their neighbors sign off. Permit holders will not be able to sell cannabis products, but patrons will be able to bring their own products for consumption. Denver is the first city in Colorado to allow on-site consumption, and state lawmakers are expected to consider a measure next year that would allow municipalities to create their own social-use ordinances.

What it means for retail: This is great news. This new law will give tourists a place to consume marijuana they purchased at a dispensary, as well as reduce the instances of people smoking in public spaces. Colorado has always been at the forefront of cannabis regulation, and look for other cities, most notably, Las Vegas, to watch how this new ordinance plays out. With various non-marijuana related businesses embracing pot under this law, and therefore more locations to consume, look for more individuals to be exposed to marijuana, and retail sales to climb!

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