Understanding Terpenes: Linalool

A deeper look into the powerful compounds that boost the healing potential of cannabis

In the vast world of aromatherapy, it’s not uncommon for products that increase relaxation and reduce stress from bath products to potpourri to include the fragrant smell of lavender or jasmine. People who burn candles and incense or use essential oils to boost their psychological or physical well-being will swear by the smell for its ability to take the edge off of an overwhelming day or help them finally get a good night’s rest. The terpene in these aromatic plants that’s responsible for helping to calm the nerves and ease the mind is called linalool and it’s also found in a number of other plants and herbs like cannabis, coriander, birch and rosewood as well as a variety of mint and laurel plants.

Though linalool isn’t typically found in as high of an abundance as other common terpenes like limonene or myrcene in cannabis, it’s still been shown to have a host of healing properties. Linalool is so powerful that just smelling its mostly floral fragrance with some hints of spice can help reduce anxiety, stress and even some symptoms associated with depression. There’s a study that showed that when rats inhaled linalool while under duress, their stress levels were able to return to normal afterwards. The same sedative properties present in linalool that help people keep their cool can also help with sleeping issues like insomnia.


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