Your Memorial Day Weekend Retailer Checklist

Making sure you are ready for the long weekend is going to be key

Memorial Day weekend starts tomorrow, and this holiday is shaping up to be one of the largest on record for travel with recreational states set to see the largest surge of customers to date, especially California who is getting ready to experience its first real travel holiday of the year as a legalized state. Making sure you are ready for the long weekend is critical, so we built you a checklist to make sure you have everything in place prior to the 2nd largest (2nd only to the 4th of July) shopping day of the summer.



In-Store – Getting your specials listed in-store will make sure there is less confusion at the counter. Cutting down turnaround time is important, and anything you can do in order to achieve that is imperative to the success of your campaign. At front of house, specials menu’s while people to wait to enter the budroom is an easy win to allow your customers to know whats available before every stepping foot past reception. Once they enter the budroom however, make sure that specials are clearly defined and easily visible so that budtenders can talk about and point to visual references.

Online – Online marketing is also important. Making sure your website is up to date and accurate should be your first and foremost digital concern. Post that, expanding outward and having it all link together is key to a good digital campaign. Unfortunately having a presence on some social platforms can be finicky, but that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from the mainstream platforms, instead, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube should be a staple in your strategy as they are great ways to get across to your customer base. Don’t forget industry-focused platforms such as MassRoots, Leafly, and Weedmaps for direct to customer deals and promotions, as well as using WeedMaps and Leafly’s menu systems to make sure your in-stock products are easily accessible to your customer before they ever leave their house.



Training – Making sure your staff is up to date and ready to deal with the increase in traffic is critical. Staff training can reduce possible infractions by making mistakes, some of which can lead you to dire consequences. Making sure you have a highly trained, veteran front of house staff during the hectic weekend ensures that you won’t deal with problems like looping, underage purchases, and fake medical recommendations later on. Prevention is the key with any problem in cannabis, and it goes a long way when it comes to staff training. With the front of house secure, your next stop should be your budtenders and security staff. These two should work in tandem to give your customers a smooth and safe transaction, however, with anxious customers in a hurry to get to their next holiday destination, security should be extra vigilant in making sure customers don’t try slipping anything by the budtenders in the weekend rush. Likewise, your budtenders should refresh themselves on detecting fraudulent bills. Make sure to use a detector pen, and if you can’t tell using the pen having a small UV light is an easy way to detect a fraud.

Under the UV light:

  • $5 – Right side. Glows blue
  • $10 – Right side. Glows orange
  • $20 – Far left hand side. Glows green
  • $50 – Right around the middle. Glows yellow
  • $100 – On left side. Glows pink

Managers should be your last line of defense for the holiday. Make sure they have also brushed up on their fraud detection skills, and are fully prepared to step in where needed at any given moment.


Scheduling -Scheduling ahead of time and making sure you have backups on call is important in case anything happens with your primary staff. This time of the year, as the weather shifts to warmer and wetter, allergies and sickness can become a serious problem. As an owner, however, proper planning can alleviate this issue and make sure that staff fulfillment problems are quickly solved should they arise. As always, however, you should always be ready to step in wherever needed to help if a backup falls through or if your staff gets swamped with the flow during any rush periods.



PackagingMaking sure that you have a full stock of compliant packaging is extremely important. For several states, childproof packaging is a requirement for sales, so running out of stock isn’t an option. Always stock more than you believe you will need, and definitely don’t miss out on this opportunity to include promotional packaging for your brand ready to go. A good idea is to include a discount for their next visit to use. This encourages repeat business and the cost to do so is negligible.

Flower – A classic staple. Current trends show flower is still super strong among most demographics of consumers so make sure to have a good mix of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD rich options for your customers in stock and ready. Top flower strain according to EAZE’s report is LA OG, alongside the staples of GG4 with Hybrids being heavily favored (60% of all top selling strains!).

Edibles – Edibles have undergone a major revamp in California and dosing is pretty well regulated now, but in other area’s giving your customer information can help save them from a bad experience. Remember that edibles convert THC into 11-Hydroxy-THC which is MUCH more psychotropic, sometimes up to as much as 3 times depending on which study you look at. Let your patients know to take it slow, and dose on the side of caution for a better time as it can take up to 40 minutes to begin to feel effects. CBD edibles like those offered from Kushy Punch have also made a massive impact on the market lately, so make sure to stock up.

Concentrates – Concentrates are always a draw at many shops across the country, especially on the west coast where ‘dabbing’ has become a consumer stable in recent years. As the product listing for concentrate types has expanded greatly since the days of hash from bubble bags was the best a consumer could hope for, including the ability to get dab like hits in to-go vaporizer cartridges. You should be prepared to offer a full range based on customer preference to ensure that each question is answered with a “yes we have that” or a similar product in stock.

CBD – CBD is the reigning champion in the trends categories lately. Cannabidiol is not psychoactive and may be useful for things like neurological disorders, pain relief, and inflammation so it is especially popular with the medical crowds. CBD, once only found in tinctures and high CBD flower, is now available in a wide array of products to meet your customers demand. Make sure to stock the latest products and your customers will thank you.


Vape Cartridges & Accessories – It’s hard to underestimate the rising power of vaping. More and more consumers are turning to mobile vaping as technology makes it more accessible to the everyday consumer. Make sure to read our Special Report on Vape Pens and Accessories and get caught up with everything related to vaporizers.

Prerolls – Prerolls have been an ever-rising star in dispensaries. Making sure to stock a wide-ranging variety from house to premium is guaranteeing that you will have all of your bases covered when it comes to giveaways, promotions, and upsells as well as those to-go customers who want something easy. Considering the largest growing demographic is users over the age of 55, pre-rolls are a simple option for the customer who doesn’t want a confusing product.

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