How To Grow Your Cannabis Business Without Selling Your Soul

Here are some ways you can have your joint and smoke it too

Alright, so you’re basically living the dream that a million stoners have dreamt for many years. You own your own legally sanctioned marijuana business. First of all, congratulations! After all, small business owners are the lifeblood of the nation’s economy! Now for the tough part: building your brand in a vigorously competitive local marketplace.

Though national support is growing for the federal legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana, it isn’t fully there yet. According to a Business Insider article written on April 20th of this year, nine states have legalized weed for recreational purposes while 29 states have done so for medical marijuana in varying capacities.

So, until a full consensus is reached nationwide, there will likely be quite a delayed reaction for marijuana e-commerce due to shipping legality issues. For the time being, shipping marijuana through the mail across state lines is a federal crime. With that said, local dispensaries are a wild experience for tokers and midnight smokers.

The big Q: How can you compete with other dispensaries without losing sight of your values?


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