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What Is A Commodity And How Does That Relate To Cannabis?

The first step to maximizing revenue is to understand the Spot Index

Key Takeaways:

  • Cannabis wholesale prices are dropping in the most mature and competitive US markets
  • Understanding when and how wholesale prices change can help your business
  • You can apply lessons from other markets to better understand the cannabis industry


Wholesale price of cannabis continues to fall

2017 demonstrated a continuation of declining prices for wholesale cannabis flower. The graph below shows the U.S. Wholesale Cannabis Spot Index from April 2015 through December 2017 where we see frequent price fluctuations, the impact of outdoor harvests at the end of the year, and, most importantly, the overall downward trend that’s squeezing profits for nearly every cultivator.

So how can cultivators prepare themselves for shrinking margins and increased competition? The first step to maximizing revenue is to understand the Spot Index and how it’s important for your business.


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